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Following an arrest for disorderly conduct, it is understandable that the suspect feels angry and confused, but it is important that he or she understands the legal rights and options that exist. Remaining uninformed and entering a guilty plea without first consulting with a trusted lawyer can lead to serious consequences that may have been otherwise avoided.

NJ Criminal DefenseAccording to NJ 2C:33-2, a person is guilty of disorderly conduct if he or she causes “public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk,” such as fighting, yelling, or threatening behavior. However, the term disorderly conduct can be applied to a broad range of actions or behaviors that a police officer deems to be dangerous or offensive.

Vague or “catch-all” charges, such as disorderly conduct, are often used when an officer cannot charge the suspect with any other crime or has misconstrued the suspect’s actions. For example, yelling or cursing loudly in public can result in a disorderly conduct charge, or simply loudly playing music.

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