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President Obama Asks Homeland Security to Review Deportation Policies

Approximately 2 million people have been deported during the Obama administration, prompting the country’s largest Latino advocacy group to label the President as the “Deporter in Chief.” Perhaps sensitive to this label, President Obama recently asked top immigration officials to review deportation practices to see if they can be made more humane. After meeting with Latino lawmakers in the House, the President directed the head of the Department of Homeland Security to run an “inventory” of the agencies practices.

Homeland Security officials responded and are now focusing on major policy changes that could slow the number of deportations. At Lubiner, Schmidt & Palumbo, LLC, our immigration attorneys, reached at (844) 288-7978, are personally invested in changes to deportation and hope that these potential policies can make the United States a country that preserves the rights of those who come here for a better life.

According to statements from government officials reported by The Los Angeles Times, potential changes would stop the deportations of foreign nationals with no criminal convictions. Instead, enforcement would focus on immigrants convicted of felonies and those who pose a threat to public safety. White House officials have said that President Obama expressed interest in modifying policies to prevent the separation of families.

The immigration attorneys at Lubiner, Schmidt & Palumbo in New Jersey will be keeping track of this story as it develops. If you have questions about how these proposed changes in policy might affect you and your family’s immigration status, please contact us to set up a consultation concerning your case.

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