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Help for Citizenship

For many people who have come to the United States, citizenship is the most prized possession that one might attain. It is treasured, a hard won emblem of pride and membership in our national community.

Immigrants come to the United States for a variety of reasons, all of which include wanting a better life. To make that dream a reality, many immigrants and their families work hard to learn English and to learn about the history, the values, and the culture of the American people. They aspire to become citizens of the United States of America.

Citizenship is important. It guarantees full participation in the community and the country-at-large. It defines the roles and responsibilities, the rights and the freedoms of the American people.

To help immigrants attain citizenship, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services was created. It offers a wide range of readily available resources for immigrants and those who wish to help them. In addition to web-based materials and interactive learning formats for immigrants, the USCIS trains volunteers and volunteer organizations to teach courses and run programs that encourage and support those efforts toward citizenship. It provides relevant instructional materials and related texts to guide and support the whole naturalization process.

While the courses respect the diverse cultures, histories, and life experiences of the participants who take them, they emphasize the English language skills and civic knowledge that all candidates for citizenship must know.

Earning citizenship takes a lot of work, but there is help.

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